The great  jame mosque with magnificent minarets, porches and plastering is one of the prominent monuments from Islamic era.after Sasani’s four arches which is placed under Maghsore,the oldest part is Haruni arches that is made at the time of “HarunAlrashid” 192Hq.the most important part of the mosque is Maghsure&Saljughi dome, it has five plastering inscriptions with Kufi handwriting,the most exquisite inscription includes complete text of Baghare chapter and is a masterpiece of decorative Kufi handwriting. 


The other parts are related to subsequent periods until qajarie end. northern porch and two tilling minarets are related to Shah Abbas and western porch is made in Shah soleiman safavi era.Southern porch which is most significent porch , is added to Maghsure at the time of “Shah abbasdovom”.