Qazvin city has always been considered in history because of it's unique geographical location, historians attributed the main building of the city to Shapoor Zolektefaf Sasani where it's name was kashvin. By coming Islam religion, the bases of Sasani government collapsed and Islam army began it's movement in order to expand Monotheism and eliminate polytheism. Qazvin in 24H opened by (Bara' Ibn 'Azeb) the commander of Koofe army and regarded as an important and strategic borders of Islamic government.

During the Safavid era and after war(Chaldoran) in 920H, Qazvin is considered morely and became Safavid capital gradually and the collection of palaces and royal mansion constructed in it. The other collections are smaller sample of historical buildings that have constructed in Esfahan where was the next capiltal of Safavid government.

Qazvin city is located at the distance of 130Km from Tehran and by the freeway and railway is connected to Tehran. It's center is Qazvin and has six areas including: central, Rudbar Alamut, Alborz, Rudbar Shahrestan, Tarom Sofla and Kuhin and it has sixteen villages.Qazvin climate in summer is cool and in winter is cold. The annual raining is about 318mm and the average of it's temprature is 26 C. the northern area of Qazvin city surrounded by Alborz  mountains and there are beautiful&amazing landscapes and the southern, eastern area surrounded by a flat plains.

Qazvin is considered as an important scientific center since third century (AH) and it had the great authors and scientists including: Ibn Majd, Najm Al-din Katebi, Imam Abolqasem Rafe'I Qazvin, Imam Ahmad Qazali, Zakariaye Qazvini, Hamdollah Mostoufi, Allame Ayatollah Rafi'I Qazvini, Obeid Zakani, Allameh Dehkhoda, Allameh Mohammad Qazvini and…..Qazvin's historical monuments including: Kolah farangi mansion and Sardar A'liqapu, Safavid buildings, Hamdollah Moustofi tomb, Shah Abbas bath, Qeisarie Bazaar, Hassan Sabbah castle on Alamut area, Sardar mosque-seminary, the great Jame mosque, Imamzade Hossein, Nabi mosque and Peiqambarie Seminary. Qazvin in addition to historical and agricultural records is regarded one of the industrial center in Iran where by having 1700 industrial branches and two industrial cities including Alborz" The first industrial city in Iran, founded in 1346" and " Lia" has a superior location in Iran's industry.

There are also the great mines of copper, lead, Zink and chalk, …. In this area.

The major gardening crops are produced in Qazvin city. There are great plants for livestock and poultry. Qazvin is located on the way of west, north and east provinces, for this reason, it is regarded as a great commercial center, it's educational centers including Imam Khomeini International university, medical sciences university and Azad, Payame nor, Tarbiat Mo'llem and kar universities.