Qazvin's Glories


So far, the famous people in fields of science, art, politics, and ...have risen of this ancient land, and by creating worthy of works and actions, have a tremendous impact on promotion of national culture. The people like Emadeddin Zakariaye Qazvini, a geographer with book" A'jaebolmakhlooghat", Hamdollah Mostoufi, historian and poet, Abid Zakani, poet and comedian, Shahid Sales, Mir Emad, a great calligrapher, Molla khalil Ibn Qazi Qazvini(Molla Khalila) Scholar and interpreter in Safavid era, Emad Al-Ketab, a skilled calligrapher, Rayis Al-Mojahedin, the commander of the Mashroote revolution people, Sayed Ashrafeddin Hosseini( Nasim Shomal), a liberal comedian, Aref Qazvini, a liberal and national poet, Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, the compiler of great dictionary, Allameh Mohammad Qazvini, scholar and editor of literary texts, Allameh Seyed Abolhasan rafi'I, master of philosophy, Abolhasan Eqbal Azar(Eqbal Soltan) Iran's skilled singer, Allameh Qazvini,  Contemporary poet, Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Dabir Siaqi, scholar and the editor of literary texts, Dr. Ehasan Eshraqi, Scholar and historian, Mohammad Ali Rajayi, martyr president.


The Names of Glories






Political Figures-