Khareqan Spa (Arshia’) is at a distance of 95 km along the road Qazvin - Hamedan. Sediments of Quaternary geology covered around the well. Arshia spring water coming out of carbonate sediments which are located on limestone formations of the Eocene period. In this region, there is a fault from the North East to the South West that the spring is replaced at the southern end of it,. The spring water has Kolroreh sodic and hot Bicarbonate calcic, acidicand silica.

Sodic and calcic Bykrbnath Klrvh Khrqan spring water from those waters are warm, with a PH acid and silica.

The water is similar to mineral water of  Moutie hall, France and Bourbon _ France in the treatment of nerve pain, sciatica and rheumatism is effective. Respiratory tract infections, chronic bronchitis, swelling of the throat  in the form of inhale ,the steam and the shower is effective. Drinking water on gastrointestinal infections such as indigestion caused by weakness of power with constipation, hepatic congestion are also useful.