The history of Qazvin municipality

" Shahrdari " is one of the terms that has been arranged by Academy of persian literature and the organization that is called Shahrdari now , was called "Baladieh" in the past.

Baladieh organization is a memorial of Mashrotiat revolution period, organizing the cities administration, baladi legislation and establishment of Baladieh organization which was built throughout some years, were the first affairs that Mashrotiat founders paid to them. Therefore after establishment of Mashrotiat on the first period, some people and institutions were determined to run and administrate urban affairs.

But in the meantime , Qazvin Baladieh ( Shahrdari ) has the special story. The begining of Qazvin municipality activity has been written on 1286 Solar because in this year, for the first time the president of Baladieh was appointed and worked .

During the rule of Prince Allah Qoli Mirza Ilkhani in  Qajar period, the office of city is named( Risman sanj), which its job has been to receive a city taxes, is established. Naji Qazvini who was the poet of that era, takes the responsibility of the writting . then election ( Baladieh Association ) or the Town Council takes place .

The mentioned association was choosen from guilds of city which like people: Sadr al-Islam, Haj Mohammad Hassan Shahroodi , Haj Seyed M. Bazzaz and Haj Seyyed Mirza Attar had the membership of it. President of the Association was Sadrol olalma son of Mirza Ali Akbar. Mirza Hossein Salehi nicknamed Sadrol olama and the grandson of Haj Mulla Salih Baraghani was the founder of Salehie school . At this school he studied the  principles , jurisprudence , philosophy and basic mathematics. Sadrol olama can be cosidered as the first mayor of the city of Qazvin that was chosen for this position by people .

By choosing Nezomod dowleh ( Khajenuri ) to the governor of Qazvin in 1298 solar, Seyed Kazem Ettehad ( Sar keshikzadeh) who was a friend of the governor summoned to Qazvin and the organizing of Qazvin ( Baladieh ) was given to him, He established a regular organization with numerous branches and determined the certain validity of Qazvin Baladieh . Since that day, Baladieh hadn't other income but receiving Baladieh gates toll , it just could supply its employees salaries difficultly and couldn’t do any work in development and cleanliness.

By transferring royalist to prince Reza and choosing Bozahr Jamhari as a Tehran municipality bailment and doing wide activities on Tehran, the bad conditions of Qazvin that had shortly distance to Tehran more appeared, hence local newspapers, effective characters of city and lawyers did  the dramatic activities in order to draw the attentions of government and Reza Shah to disorders of Qazvin and creating an active Baladieh, the great publication of  Qazvin(Ra'd) newspaper on the date of 2th Mehr 1306 solar was an important activity. This newspaper has been published on the occasion of prince Reza travelling accompanied with crown prince to Qazvin.the goal of publication of this newspaper was the expressing people's requirements and problems. Through this request, it has been demanded from prince to consider Qazvin as one of the Tehran's district. This request represents that municipal activity in Tehran had attracted the attention of Qazvin residents.

Seyyed Mohammad Golriz, the author of Minoodar(Qazvin paradise' door) two-volume book , about the Qazvin municipality files and the way of elimination of them has said, red occupying army in 1320 and through the second world war eliminates municipal files, after occupying Qazvin and authority to all of the organizations and city 's department of states. They have been used the files as the materials for blocking the streams and return the water.

"….. you can see, it is called redeemer ideology army with world communism. In order to finding a document about Qazvin Baladie on prince Reza era, I inevitably studied Ettela'at, Bazpors and Ra'd newspapers during 1305 -1337 and read the internal and urban newspapers in order to know how to do so.