Qazvin province where is located at Iran's center with an area of 15 thousands and 821 square Kilometers, among 48 degree,45 minute until 50 degree,50 minute eastern length and 35 degree and 37 minute  until 36 degree and 45 minute northern width,it is overlooking to Mazandaran and Gilan  from north, Hamedan and Zanjan from west, Markazi province from south and Tehran province from east. Central Alborz mountains and Ramand, Khareqan surrounded province from three sides and have created a vast plain where from north to south 75 Km and from east to west is about 95 Km.

North highlands are more than 4000m and southwest 2700m from sea level and it's popular mountains included Sayyalan, Shah alborz,Khashchal, Sefidkuh,Shoja'eddin, Allahtareh, Ramand, Aqdaq, khareqan, Sardaq, Soltanpir, Siah kuh and…which Sayyaln by 4175m and Shah Alborz by 4065m are higher than others. Central and East area of province where have formed Qazvin vast plain has a gradient that extends from northwest to southeast and at lowest point is 1130m. the lowest point of province from sea level by 300m is located at Tarom sofla and the sides of Sefidrood lake which Presents a clear difference in terms of topography.

This province includes 20 towns (Qazvin, Takestan, Abyek, Boyin Zahra, Eqbalie, Mohammadie,Alvand, Esfarvarin, Mahmood Abad nemoone, Khorramdasht, Zia Abad, Avaj, Shal, Danesfahan, Abgarm, Ardaq, Mo'llem Kelaye, Razmian, Koohin and Bidestan) in 5 cities and includes 23 sections, 44 Villages and 1543 settlements and it's population is more than one million.  



The climate and running water of province

Qazvin province includes three distinct regions, mountains, foothills and plain. Mountains in the form of Discontinuous belt have covered North, South and Westen areas. This province has various climate in desert range, Cold and temperate mountain ,warm and semi-humid.

Distribution of province climate is as the following:

1.Mountains cold weather on north areas and southwest highlands of province

2.Temperate weather on foothills and slopes

3.Dry until semi-dry weather of central areas of Qazvin and Booyin Zahra plains

4.Tropical-humid weather on Tarom and Shahrood valley, overally Qazvin province has various weather.

The important rivers of province include: Alamoot rood, Andaj rood and Nine rood( by joining to Taleqan rood, they formed Shahrood river)Arbadian, Kharood tar,Lat and Dizaj, Arnzaj, Khar rood.