Qazvin,Taleqani st, Rafi' seminary

Rafi' church is located on Rafi' seminary, this church built in 1st Pahlavi period in a seminary where was an aducational and worship place for Armenians.it's building is bricky and it's main space is rectangular and has four columns.it's axis is eastern western and in the eastern angle,  there is altar of church which is seprated from prayer room. There are two rooms in two sides of the altar. In the western angle, there is a door which opened to under the bell. This space is octangular. The entrance of church is semi-circle .there is a similar space  in northern space.this church is located on Taleqani st and the other door open from Khayam st to it.

In addition to public ceremonies that are related to Armenians, the church is a host for a special ceremony of "Maryam's death&ascention" that is holded synchronal with "Eide Tabric Angur" in agust (mordad) and Armenian