Biography Mayor of Qazvin


Name: Masoud Nosrati
Born: 1347 in Qazvin
Education: Civil engineer Azdanshgah Maragheh -
Master of Public Management Education and Research Institute of Management and Planning
Resume before the mayor of Qazvin:
Management area Tuesday Qazvin Municipality
Area management in two municipalities in Qazvin
Urban Management and Architectural Qazvin Municipality
Managing Director and Renovation Renovation Organization of Qazvin
Department of Urban Planning and Architecture Qazvin Municipality
Chairman and Member of Design Services
Chairman and Renovation Organization and Improvement Council
Council Services Fire and Safety Organization of Qazvin
Member home math Qazvin
Member of Construction Engineering Organization of Qazvin province
University lecturer and consultant
Development Foundation vice chairman Vkarafryny Qazvin
Responsible for development and urban areas in three regions of Qazvin Municipality
Seminar secretary of the city and Television School of Architecture and Urban Qazvin (five years)
Committee member to determine eligibility mass
Member of Governance Committee cds - the comprehensive urban design - urban design collection