Great Mosque minaret with glory, Ivan Rafi and bed Coffee table Find it outstanding works gives rise to the Islamic period. The oldest part of the mosque, after which works under the Sassanid four arched Mqsvrh located, Aaron arch that time "Harun al-Rashid" in ھ 192. AH made. The most important and most beautiful part of the mosque, the Seljuk Mqsvrh and dome and five inscriptions kufic bed and it Nfystryn Inscriptional in which Sura Baghareh fully implemented and decorative masterpieces kufic is considered.
Other parts of the mosque, related to the period after the end of the Qajar period is. Ivan North and tile work by two minarets at the time it Tahmasp and Ivan Western Shah Soleiman Safavi were built. Ivan South is the most beautiful mosque in the reign of Ivan "Shah Abbas II" entry Mqsvrh added.